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The Intellectual Life of Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla Essay Example

The Intellectual Life of Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla Paper Inevitably he reached the resolution, in light of what he had watched while voyaging, just as what he had perused, that political change was essential for social and monetary changes to happen. [7] During the course of this paper, various viewpoints concerning the life of Miguel Hidalgo y Castillo will be analyzed. This will incorporate his training, work understanding, beneficial encounters, just as a few of the works he read and examined. A change from understudy to minister to progressive will be seen In this exposition, with the emphasis on the scholarly existence of Miguel Hidalgo y Castillo. Miguel Hidalgo y Cocktails instructive experience started at a similar spot he was conceived, the domain of San Diego Corral. As a kid he assisted with the tarry farming obligations. The years he spent living In this design gave Hidalgo a gratefulness for farming work, and permitted him to comprehend the perspective of lower class Mexicans. [8] Once Hidalgo arrived at fourteen years old, his dad sent him to learn at the Royal and Primitive College of San Noels Obis, In Validly. Established In 1540 by the Jesuits, the College of San Noels was a typical theological school for white collar class Mexicans. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Intellectual Life of Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on The Intellectual Life of Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on The Intellectual Life of Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer It was here where Hidalgo centered his learning In clerical examinations and theory. [9] Considering Hidalgo insightfulness and mental stability Nils schoolmates at San Nicolas Selenga NV ten corresponding moniker el Zero, or the Fox. In 1767, be that as it may, the Jesuits were expelled from San Nicolas ND common pastorate picked up power. [10] The understudies who went to this organization didn't limit themselves to the educational plan offered, however were dynamic in pirating in books that had been prohibited. Perusing and considering these books adjusted the understudies by and large understanding of writing. The books gave by the congregation and schools were regularly dry and exhausting, while the restricted books offered fascinating points and motivation. They were regularly composed by French scholars or writers. It has been asserted that another social way of thinking had been created and generally acknowledged, in this manner powering the desire of he revolutionists and accelerating the freedom development during its turn of events. [11] In 1770, at seventeen years old, Hidalgo and his sibling Joaquin made a trip to the City of Mexico Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico to get their first Bachelor of Arts degree. Following this achievement, Hidalgo invested energy in Validly where he addressed in Latin, Philosophy, and the standards of Theology at San Nicolas. [12] In 1773 Hidalgo came back to the University of Mexico for his second Bachelor qualification in Theology. In 1774 Hidalgo won a prize for the best exposition on The True Method of Studying Theology. At that point in 1778 he was appointed as a minister either in Validly or the City of Mexico. [13] During, just as following, his scholarly vocation Hidalgo invested most of his energy in Validly. His occupations included Rector of the school of San Nicolas, educator, and pastor. It has been expressed that huge numbers of the legends of the progressive time frame were local of Validly or its region, or were at one time inhabitant there. Starting in 1785 in Claim, Hidalgo drew in himself in parochial work, and in 1793 took the situation of clergyman of the ward church in San Fillip. 14] It was in the year 1800 that the investigation got dubious of Hidalgo. He was reviled by Fray Joaquin Hushes for irregular articulations. A report gave from there on by the Anchorman official guaranteed that Hidalgo was a most learned man who had destroyed himself with betting and ladies, that he had perused denied books and keeping in mind that an educator of religious philosophy he had instructed from Jansenism works. [15] As no hard proof of these allegations surfaced, the desk work was documented for future reference. In 1801, Hidalgo started his movements around the commonplace inner (inside regions) of Mexico. This was done in a spirit of meanness against the examination so they couldn't keep such a nearby an eye on him. Notwithstanding, this demonstrated valuable as far as he can tell of what sorts of conditions his kindred Mexicans were living under due to Spanish standard. During these two years Hidalgo utilized the information he had picked up from examining the disallowed French books so as to make sense of what was happening strategically and monetarily in Mexico at that point. He saw the old Spaniards, or white settlers of unadulterated Spanish blood or birth, who held workplaces in the legislature or were engaged with business that yielded them agreeable measures of cash. He likewise saw the Indians, those of unadulterated local family; creoles; mulattos; sambas, locals blended in with Negroes, additionally called Chinos; and African Negroes. [16] These individuals were typically sequestrated or oppressed Dye ten 010 Spaniards once Hidalgo Ana Tuna ten reason for the misery of his kin, he presently needed to make sense of an approach to make a huge difference so his comrades could be equivalent. From the precluded books Hidalgo read, he realized that without political changes financial and social changes would not be conceivable. 17] These books that Hidalgo had perused were by a wide range of writers, for the most part French. Hidalgo appreciated works from the seventeenth century, for example, La Fontanne. He deciphered catastrophes by Racine and comedies by Moldier (Tartuffe being his top choice). He was likewise keen on Bouquets Discourse on Universal History in view of the part of Divine Providence. [18] It was through these works of writing, amo ng different components, that motivated Hidalgo with progressive musings and guided him toward driving a rebel against the Spanish government controlling Mexico. The principal work to be broke down is Molders Tartuffe. Hypocrite is a section parody in five acts. During the timespan Tartuffe was composed there were two unique perspectives on Christian profound quality in conflict. One was a gentle and tractable view, while the other was a greater amount of a grim and rigid view, the last denouncing all intuition and delight as abhorrent in this way prompting a police state mindset. [19] The primary variant of Tartuffe, with just three acts, was assaulted with savagery driving Moldier to be seen as a devil fit for hanging, and was instantly prohibited. 20] The play was advanced covertly through private exhibitions and readings, and in 1667 opened freely again under the title The Imposter, with the deceivers name changed to Panel, to again be restricted right away. In February of 1669 Moldier at long last got a break and the boycott was lifted driving Tartuffe to turn into an incredible achievement. The two principle characters in Tartuffe will be Tartuffe and Argon. Argon is the leader of a wealthy family living on a fabulous domain. Argons girl Marianne is to wed Valeâ ©re, a man whom she cherishes profoundly and is adored the equivalent consequently. Be that as it may, Tartuffe, a deceiver acting like a strict dignitary who had lost his direction and was living in neediness, has forced himself on Argon and his family. During his stay on he bequest he helps Argon with direction while going about as his dearest companion. Hypocrite is so effective in doing with the goal that Argon is prepared to break his guarantee to Valeâ ©re for need of Marianne to wed Tartuffe. The main other individual in the play who Tartuffe enraptures is Madame Personnel, every other person sees through Tartuffe conspire. Argons cantankerousness drives him to decline to take anyones guidance that isn't in concurrence with his choices. In addition to the fact that Argon disowns his child Dams, yet he likewise endeavors to drive Marianne to wed Tartuffe that very night. In a frantic endeavor to put an end on Argons craziness, Elmira, Argons spouse, requests that Argon demonstrate the veracity of see Tartuffe disloyalty. Prior in the day, since Tartuffe had made a development on Elmira, she realized that he would acknowledge her development on him. Argon at that point stows away under a table and Elmira gathers Tartuffe. At the point when Tartuffe shows up she entices him, and just before a rashness is going to happen, Argon shows up from under the table and advises Tartuffe to leave. Argon along these lines presents appropriate reparations with his family, and continues to educate Valeâ ©re that he plans to follow through on his guarantee for him to marry Marianne. At the point when all appears to be well, the bailiff Monsieur Loyal goes to the entryway to talk with argon on laureate T According too writ Trot ten Klan ten Tamely Is to empty the domain by the next day so Tartuffe can move in. This happens on account of an agreement Argon had recently marked with Tartuffe under affectations. Following this news, Valeâ ©re shows up to remove Argon as a result of a warrant for his capture. As they are going to get away from the lords watches show up with Tartuffe. At the point when Tartuffe is criticized by Argon, the rulers watches go to bring Tartuffe to jail and advise him that the lord doesn't hold fast well to sham; likewise that great deeds are recalled more well than terrible. Obviously Tartuffe has earlier double dealings that were not Justified and after he had gone to the lord they were recollected. The deed to Argons bequest is then offered back to its legitimate proprietor, and the wolf in sheep's clothing is sent to jail. The hidden components engaged with Tartuffe are human qualities, artlessness, erotic nature, just as arrant bad faith. [21] The general subject is to show the humble estimations of human conventionality undermined for the sake of devotion. This can be associated with the way that Hidalgo felt when the examination started to observe his understanding material, and the irregular thoughts he was blamed for instructing. It interfaces with how the Holy Office, and Spanish specialists, took co

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Essay Topics That Can Be Persuasive

Essay Topics That Can Be PersuasiveEnglish 10 persuasive essay topics are a big part of a persuasive essay. People who write persuasive essays generally write about issues that they feel strongly about, but the topic you should use depends on the topic of your essay.A theme is a way to organize a person's point of view on a specific issue. Themes can be personal or political. A theme helps the writer to organize their thoughts and ideas for an entire essay.Political themes are written in a formal way. They are usually short paragraphs or sentences and consist of a thesis statement. The thesis statement explains what the writer believes in and their political stances. It also explains how they see the world and how they expect to change it.The thesis statement has a brief explanation of why the writer believes in the political viewpoint. As well as making a reader believe in what the writer is saying. Most political themes have a conflict between two opposing parties or ideology.As we ll as making the points clear and precise. As well as highlighting the main points of the essay that the author is trying to make.As well as writing a thesis and essay topics, they should also demonstrate knowledge of the topic that they are writing about. It will help if the essay is researched and contains valid facts and opinions.Writing good essay topics is difficult but it is not impossible. Anyone can write a good argument for whatever they are writing about and convince readers of it.You can learn more about how to write essay topics that are persuasive by registering for an introductory course on persuasive essay topics. This course will give you the techniques and the basic knowledge you need to start writing. However, you should be aware that you will not learn everything you could ever need to know in this course.

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How to Write the Argumentative Essay on Drinking and Driving Topics

How to Write the Argumentative Essay on Drinking and Driving TopicsAre you thinking of writing an argumentative essay on drinking and driving? If so, you need to keep in mind that such an essay is no different from any other essay that you write. In fact, the basis of the argument should be the same for all your essay topics: it should be based on facts, not assumptions or beliefs.Without facts, the entire piece will simply be drivel. The only thing that distinguishes this essay from others is that it is based on scientific facts. The essay should be about the harmfulness of alcohol. The facts are what will determine if the argument is accepted by readers.Of course, there will be those who will never consider taking the first step toward a solution to the problem of drunk driving, but those who do take action can have confidence that the tips will help them in their efforts to stay within safe limits. This is because the argument will rely on the facts about driving while intoxicated .On the other hand, the specific tips in the essay can make it easier for the reader to identify with the writer. It is easy to write the argumentative essay on drinking and driving topics because it is based on scientific facts. The guidelines are such that readers can easily empathize with the writer.The essay can be written with a sober frame of mind. It is already clear that the whole purpose of the argumentative essay on drinking and driving topics is based on scientific facts. By keeping the facts simple, the essay will be more understandable to readers.If you want to create a sober frame of mind in your readers, you must also create your essay with respect to the audience. The essay should be written with an audience that is focused on facts. This makes the essay more understandable by the target audience.Remember that there are thousands of people who are experiencing issues with drunk driving problems in the present. The main reason why they are having trouble with this sit uation is because they are not being aware of the facts about driving while intoxicated.Those who are willing to take positive steps are the ones who will help to resolve the drunk driving problems in the present. This means that the focus of the argumentative essay on drinking and driving topics should be the facts. The question of how to get the facts is the one that the essay is mainly focused on.

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Mobile Phone Usage in the Educational Setting - 796 Words

Mobile Phone Use in the Educational Setting Students should be permitted limited use of mobile phone while attending their schools. Not all students use their mobile or cellular phones while at school; many do. Not all students who use their cell phone in school are using them during class. Students and educational staff come down very hard on students for using cell phones during class session, in many cases, justifiably so. Yet, there are instances when mobile phone use during school is not a distraction or threat to the students attention and education. Cell phone use has seen a dramatic rise during the 21st century. Adolescents and young adults are key demographics in cell phone use and consumption. Computing devices have become ubiquitous on today s college campuses. From notebook computers to Wireless phones and Handheld devices1 (or W/H devices for short), the massive infusion of computing device and rapidly improving Internet capabilities have altered the nature of higher education (Green, 2000). Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) has proliferated tremendously in the last few decades with the use of Internet, email, multimedia technology, and intelligent tutoring system on campus ¦a great majority of college students own computers and wireless devices with almost 80 percent believing that Internet use has enhanced their learning experience. (Motiwalla, Mobile Learning: A framework and evaluation, Page 582) Parents, educators, even peers are contending forShow MoreRelatedMobile Phones : An Important Part Of College And University Life1119 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Mobile phones are an important part of college and university life. If you just look and review your own activity throughout the day at an educational campus, you will find that your mobile phone usage will be more than whats required for you to complete your daily tasks. Research suggests that students are still using their mobile phones inside the classroom, despite very particular and strict rules from doing so (Tindell Bohlander, 2012). As the industry of technology still continuesRead MoreThe Community Health Assessment For Pinellas County ( Pinellas )1501 Words   |  7 Pagescontribute to this concern include tobacco usage, lack of health insurance, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition. A population diagnosis statement for this health concern is risk for increasing number of deaths from lung cancer among the community in Pinellas related to the increased number of tobacco usage as demonstrated by high self-reporting data percentages. Based on this the primary health issue for Pinellas is the increased prevalence of tobacco usage. According to the Centers for DiseaseRead MoreIncreasing Usage Of Cell Phones1174 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract Smart phone allows us to communicate with the people who we wish to stay connected with. Nowadays due to the over usage of cell phones we often find ourselves wasting too much time on it, obesity growing in teenagers, distant relationships with people etc. after researching we found that the increasing usage of cell phone has a great effect on students studying in high schools or collages such as their behavior, dropping grades etc. Concerns about dependency on mobile phones corresponded toRead MoreMoblie Phone Technology and The Social Impact Thereof Essay1263 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION Mobile phone technology is a technology that a vast majority of us would be familiar with, allowing one to call from almost anywhere, anytime as long as they connected a network. Mobile phones revolutionised the world of personal communication, because of this it is important that the impacts that the technology has had on the community. This essay will trace, in brief, the history of mobile phone technology along with an examination of the social impacts that this technology hasRead MoreTechnology In Education1406 Words   |  6 Pagespeople offering various perspectives. One such position is of Danny Moreco, who in his article â€Å"10 Reasons Today’s Students NEED Technology in the Classroom†, takes a relatively extreme position by saying an increase in technology use, including cell phones, will aid students. Although his model has several good aspects, its entirety is not well substantiated by logos such as scientific data, expert opinions, and sound reasoning; t herefore, superintendents and board of education members should considerRead MoreThe Impact Of Technology In Education1533 Words   |  7 PagesStudents are coming to school with computers in the form of phones, tablets, or laptops in their pockets and backpacks. Some schools are leading the charge with BYOD (bring your own device) or BYOT (bring your own technology) initiatives. However, there are still districts, schools, and teachers who will not allow technology into their classrooms. Many schools and teachers want to avoid the potential problems, so they adopt a no phone policy, while other schools are trying to integrate technologyRead MoreEssay On Computer Technology1000 Words   |  4 PagesStudents are habitually passionate about new technology. They are interested and imaginative, enduring and liable. They enjoy supporting in the application and creation of new technology, and have the ability to work both separately and in a group setting. Students are generally inte rested in computers, problem solving, games and music. They should be good at working with and organizing numerical data. According to Tomie (2005) the swift developments in technologies have completed great changesRead MoreEvaluating The Effectiveness Of Using Ict For Teaching And Learning. Information Communication Technology ( Ict )1253 Words   |  6 Pagesteaching assistant (HLTA) and children access to educational resources from around the globe anytime and day. While using ICT, children learn concepts, history, ideas, theories and practices across culture when it is use in their classroom. HLTA and teachers however have to know how and why they are using ICT and incorporate the concepts in: social responsibility, creativity, communication, culture sensitivity, decision making technology application and usage. According to Andrews et al. (2006, p.5) â€Å"ICTRead MoreStudents Analyze Emerging Technologies Designed Reduce Barriers For Learning And Encourage Both Glocal ( Global And Local ) Perspectives1667 Words   |  7 PagesStudents analyze emerging technologies designed to reduce barriers t o learning and encourage both glocal (global and local) perspectives. Students will identify two or three emerging educational technologies and discuss the following for each one: Introduction As an educator, one might acknowledge that there are several technologies that are asserting their way into mainstream education. Since the emergence of technology use in the classroom, learning technology can be found in every disciplineRead MoreMobile Phone Usage Patterns Amongst University Students: a Comparative Study Between India and Usa9448 Words   |  38 PagesSayan Chakraborty. Mobile phone usage patterns amongst university students: A comparative study between India and USA. A Master’s Paper for the M.S. in I.S degree. April, 2006. 53 pages. Advisor: Diane Kelly Mobile phones are one of the most common information access devices with almost 31% of the global population having access. This exploratory study investigated usage patterns of, and attitude about, cell phones among university students in a mature market (United States) and a rapidly growing

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Gilgamesh and Ramayana - 1559 Words

An Epic Definition There was a time when gods and demons roamed the earth. A time when humanity lived at the mercy of divine beings, who executed their wills against the humans, following their own selfish desires and placing humans in a position of piety to these dominant beings. This time on earth is one of great men who fought against these demigods, giving them great fame passed on as stories in the oral tradition. Though it is unrealistic to believe that these men truly fought against divine beings, their stories played a role in the ancient world, which was the beginning of the formation of society and civilization. The epics of â€Å"Gilgamesh† and â€Å"The Ramayana of Valmiki† both served their societies as an outline of a moral code,†¦show more content†¦These stories each detail the societies’ beliefs of what it takes to be a hero, whether it be saving the world from aliens in modern movies or slaying fearful beasts in ancient stories. â €Å"Gilgamesh† and â€Å"Ramayana† both possess great battle scenes where the heroic namesakes of their respective stories end up victorious against a foe that is thought to be unbeatable. Gilgamesh slays two beasts, Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven; while in â€Å"Ramayana†, Rama’s ultimate battle is against the demon Ravana. Gilgamesh’s impending battle with Humbaba is of concern to both his subjects and Enkidu, both of which feel that he will not have success. The citizens state, â€Å"We have heard of Humbaba, his features are grotesque, / Who is there who could face his weaponry (II.262-63)? Gilgamesh is successful in his battle with Humbaba and follows up his battle with another one against the Bull of Heaven, another divine beast that meets its doom at the hands of the great warrior. The defeat of these two great beasts gave Gilgamesh an even higher level of fame amongst his citizens; he was no longer a tyrannical ruler, but rather a gre at warrior. Rama’s defeat of Ravana was met with the realization that a mortal man had defeated a demon, â€Å"alas, he who could not be killed by the gods and demons, has been killed in battle by a man standing on earth† (755). The idea that a mortal can defeat anShow MoreRelatedThe Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Ramayana1088 Words   |  5 PagesIn two ancient classics, we see a clear display of an abuse of power. In both The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Ramayana, we find protagonists who commit deeds of treachery in the name of slaying a monster. These slayings seem justified at first; however, as we examine them further we find that they are no more than heinous acts in the name of asserting power over the other. Both Gilgamesh and Rama kill monsters in the name of supporting what they believe in, but their beliefs are not always justifiedRead MoreFamily Relationships910 Words   |  4 Pagesfamilies. A few of these countries are Babylonia, Greece, and India. I have fo und one story from each country or culture, to show examples of families relationships and there importance to those affected by them. These three stories are Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, and The Ramayana. In the ancient country of Babylonia, there are a few things that have affected today’s world greatly. In western society some aspects of modern family relationships can be traced to ancient Babylonia. Ideas such as the weddingRead MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh, And The Mahabharata971 Words   |  4 Pagessuch as: the Ramayana, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Mahabharata. Each of these texts depicts a hero or protagonist that is unique to their culture and although each of these heroes embark on a different journey with different purposes and goals in mind, they all display a variety of features that people of then and now can relate to. It becomes transparent that each of the journeys these heroes undertake are a lot like that of the lives of people today. The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of theRead MoreA Leader Is Good And Ethics Essay1424 Words   |  6 Pagescharacteristic to develop the capabilities of others instead of accentuating their own skills. The epics of Gilgamesh and The Ramayana present opposing perspectives of effective leadership based on the personal integrity of one’s morality and ethical standards. In Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh is a very terrifying ruler, he harasses his subjects and oppresses them under his tyranny. In contrast, in The Ramayana, Rama is a very different kind of leader. He acts in accordance to the code of dharma, showing the wayRead MoreEast Vs. West Literature Essay931 Words   |  4 PagesOctober 2016 East vs. West Literature Essay   Ã‚  Ã‚   Eastern and Western Literature has so many unique characteristics of their own. Eastern Literature usually deals with epics such as The Ramayana and Confucius. While Western Literature typically are epics like Beowulf, The Odyssey, and similar characteristics are also in Gilgamesh.   These types of literatures are so rich in their text and have so many different beliefs.   The Eastern and Western Literature compares throughout topics like gender roles, the influenceRead MoreElements Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh918 Words   |  4 Pagesancient Indian epic The Ramayana of Valmiki. The vital characteristics of the genre of heroic epic tales is that the hero must overcome some sort of obstacle, the tale must include supernatural forces, and must incorporate societal improvement as the result of the hero’s triumph. These characteristics are incredibly clear through the tale of Gilgamesh. In the story, there are many obstacles that Gilgamesh must overcome. For instance, the Gods, with the goal of forcing Gilgamesh to become a better kingRead MoreGreek Myths And Stories Serve A Greater Purpose1799 Words   |  8 PagesGreek myths and stories serve a greater purpose than to simply entertain someone. These stories also serve as a way to teach important lessons and explain the history of certain things. Although the Epic of Gilgamesh, The Illiad,The Ramayana, and the Golden Compass are all very different they all have similar aspects that connect the stories and serve a greater purpose. These myths and stories serve as an insider into what it was like to live in that specific society. Myths allow us to learn whatRead MoreThe Epic of Beowulf733 Words   |  3 Pagesnational hero ( he is recognized, rewarded and glorified by the king himself and his people), his travel on the sea, his adventures and the heroic episodes hes the central figure in. Moreover, the main protagonist, Beowulf, is a brave young man, like Gilgamesh, Achilles or Hercules, with more-than-human strength and wiser, more courageous than others. Unlike the other epic heroes we have studied untill now, Beowulf is giving us a detailed self-description when he meets the king :In my youth I have doneRead MoreReligion Vs Ramayana1528 Words   |  7 Pages The Ramayana is one of the world’s oldest religious epics, dating back to roughly 7,000 B.C. and only first being written down around 500 B.C. Compare this to the Bible, in which scholars believe that writing began for the Old Testament around 5,000 B.C. Both of these texts have been continually updated since their respective creations. Since the Ramayana was first only an oral story, it continually went through progressive changes, with its first written incarnation taking place around 500 B.CRead MoreThe Modern Epic of Batman Essay731 Words   |  3 Pagesearliest known epic today is The Epic of Gilgamesh. This tale is about Gilgamesh’s search for eternal life. Although epics have been around for thousands of years, the epic tradition still has an enormous impact on modern writing and film. In fact, Batman, a story about Bruce Wayne trying to conquer all criminals in Gotham, can be seen as modern epic. An epic must have a vast setting, start â€Å"in medias res† and consist epithets. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, he travels to an island that no human has

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The Effects Of Internet On Mental Health - 1362 Words

Over the last 30 years, the methods of human interactions have grown explosively, from face-to-face conversations, to video calling, instant messaging, texting, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram. As the technology we surround ourselves with pervades an increasing number of aspects in our lives, it has begun to affect our mental health. A Carnegie Mellon study concluding that internet usage leads to significant increases in loneliness and depression received U.S. national media coverage (Kraut, Patterson, et al., 1998). However, others argue that the internet may just provide a place of refuge for those suffering from loneliness, anxiety, and depression. (McKenna and Bargh, 59) With this increase in technology, particularly the internet and social media, researchers have begun to question its effects on mental health, particularly anxiety, depression, and loneliness. The internet has become so pervasive that 64% of internet users consider it a necessity (McKenna and Bargh, 57 ). As 64% of the population doesn’t suffer from mental health issues, it is clearly not the internet itself that leads to mental illness. The fear of new technology continually pervades society, starting with fearing the telephone and electricity. As long as there are new technological outlets developed, there will always be fear an superstition of their potential harm (McKenna and Bargh, 58). McKenna and Bargh believe that newspapers and media itself have falsely represented evidence in orderShow MoreRelatedThe Current Youth s Participation858 Words   |  4 Pagesparticipation in modern technology can have favourable and adverse effects on their development. Technological progression has expanded a person’s understanding or the opportunity to further one’s understanding on health. This advancement has a number of positive effects on our developing youth. The main benefit of youth’s relationship with technology is having a source of information readily available for their serious inquires. The internet is a prime method of accessing crucial data that is not availableRead MoreHow Technology Has Impacted Modern Society1493 Words   |  6 Pagessupplies the individual with innumerable facets of entertainment and an endless stream of information. Technology not only provides us with an unchallenging route of accessing knowledge, it also makes many activities which once required some physical or mental effort, easy. The list of how technology has positively impacted modern society through medicine, mechanics, and research is too long to be written down. By all means, the former and ongoing innovations and advances made in the sciences through technologicalRead MoreDo Western Diets and Lifestyle Negatively Affect People’s Health?1489 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Do Western Diets and Lifestyle Negatively Affect People’s Health? Western diets and lifestyle have become more and more popular in many countries all over the world, because western countries are more developed and people think western diets and lifestyle are healthy to people. It is a common knowledge that health includes three aspects: physical health, mental health, and social well-being health, not just without any disease. Western diets refer to the food as red meat, sugary desserts and drinksRead MoreHow Does Mental Heath Services Could Be?1528 Words   |  7 PagesThe black community has its own opinion about how effect mental heath services could be. The most apparent opinion is how African Americans feel that using mental health services is something that is stigmatized to be not useful. There’s been plenty of occasions by which African Americans don’t seek the guidance because of their assumptions on the effectiveness of these interventions. In order to understand this better, Cauce has a three step model that includes pr oblem definition, the decisionRead MoreSocial Media And The Internet1564 Words   |  7 Pagesand the Internet. Many years ago, before phones and computers were invented, simply going outside to play was a great way to spend time with friends and be entertained. Technology has evolved greatly since these days. Teens can communicate, post pictures, and search anything on the Internet nowadays. Although social media is a very big hit in this century, the real question is, is it safe? What does the use of social media and the Internet lead teens to do? Social media and the internet have causedRead MoreInternet Counseling And Clinical Psychology1646 Words   |  7 PagesInternet Counseling in Clinical Psychology: A Brief Review Although psychology has only existed as an institution for just over a hundred years, and clinical psychology for even less than that, it has still developed some harsh stagnations and tendencies to deny progress. That being said, many psychologists push hard to integrate new techniques, theories, practices, and technology into their work. The advent of technology is incredibly important in this regard because it creates an environmentRead MoreIs Social Media Responsible For The Increase Of Mental Health Issues Among Young People?1696 Words   |  7 PagesIs social media responsible for the increase in mental health issues in young people? For the majority of my generation social media is an integral part of our lives. Since the invention of the smart phone we have only ever been a few clicks away from our friends and endless information. However, how is this affecting our mental health? On the one hand it can be argued that it is enhancing our communication skills yet studies have suggested that offline behaviours such as bullying are becoming moreRead MoreCauses of Depression Essay698 Words   |  3 PagesDepression is a rapidly growing mental illness that strikes millions, but they never know the cause of this common, yet sometimes, harmful illness. If victims and potential victims knew what caused depression, they could do more to prevent it from happening. In order to know what causes depression, one has to know what it is. The online dictionary defines it as â€Å"a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reasonRead MoreRea sons For Choice And Refinement Of Question1714 Words   |  7 PagesReason for choice and refinement of question I have chosen the topic of the effect of discrimination on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community’s mental health, because I find this topic interesting and I know a few LGBT people who are afraid to be themselves because of this discrimination and the effects it can have. I have been exposed to the issues this community faces from news stories about gay rights and protests to support gay marriage in Australia. I have always wonderedRead MoreMedia Negative Effects850 Words   |  4 Pagesof the internet (Asano). Merriam Webster Dictionary defines social media as â€Å"forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other such content.† Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are some of the more popular social media sites. As with anything, there are side effects from the overuse of social media, and the majority of people do not realize the detrimental side effe cts from the excessive internet usage

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Pico Analysis In Nursing the managementâ€Free Samples for Students

Question: What Is The Effectiveness Of Silver Dressings Compare To Manuka Honey In Young Men? Answer: Introducation The effectiveness of traumatic wound care is an important factor in preventing the interference of the proper wound healing process- hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and remodeling. Using evidence-based practice, we will seek to conduct a comparative research on the Manuka honey (Intervention) as more effective wound dressing agent compared to Silver dressing (comparison) in traumatic wounds among young men(problem). The study will include a strategic search on PubMedCentral medical online databases and to evaluate the issue. Essentially, healthcare research requires evidence based research. In nursing, PICO analysis methods provides and inclusive study of the problem in question by presenting the problem, intervention, comparative study and the ourcome of the research. In our current research the question posed is - What is the effectiveness of silver dressings compare to manuka honey in young men? PICO analysis Table 1 1 Search words Alternative search words P Young men with traumatic wounds -chronic wounds I manuka honey wound dressing agent Manuka, antiseptic, prophylaxis C Silver dressing O compare effectiveness of wound dressing treatment - manuka honey versus silver dressing Using online medical databases, a strategic search was conducted to include all the relevant keywords pertaining to the question, putting into account the PICO analysis format. Additionally, we also included search filters that would ensure relevant information was attained such as article searches, limit to the age of the article and a variety of sentence truncations to expand the search. Relevance of research was determined by evaluation of case studies, systematic reviews and journal articles that could shed light on the comparison of Manuka honey to silver dressing and its effect on young adult males. Question Search mode Results limiter Manuka honey in chronic wounds PubMed db find all my search terms 17 Honey dressing versus silver PubMed db- written in the last 10 years 6 Written within the last 10 years Honey dressing versus silver in wounds PubMed db- written in the last 10 years, full text 4 Last ten years Full text articles Comparison of Manuka honey and Silver dressing in chronic wound care In traumatic wounds, interference of wound process may cause the deceleration of the process to present chronic complications. Systemic factors such as sex and age of patients are considered with reference to a comparison between silver dressing and Manuka honey as effective wound therapies (Adderley and Smith, 2007). Young adults have a tendency to quick healing owing the health of their cell that are fast to aggregate and form collagen. Additionally, sex hormones also affect the healing process where a study suggests that wound healing is regulated by estrogen hormones thus increasing the likelihood of womens ability to heal faster than men. Intervention Recent research finding indicate that Manuka honey contain large variety elements that help accelerate the healing process; antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial as well as antimicrobial properties(Jull et al., 2008). All the properties make manuka honey more effective in wound care by providing complimentary agents within each process of healing. This becomes more beneficial in traumatic wounds whos like hood of turning from acute to chronic increases with length in period of healing. Comparison In comparison to Silver dressing studies show that Manuka dressing offer significantly faster heal rate. Several studies ascertain the superiority of honey as better wound care agent compare to silver dressing (Singh et al.,2011:Guthrie et al. 2014). They indicate that the diversity of antimicrobial, and antibacterial agents high sugar found in honey helps in sterilization and faster healing of chronic wounds. In a clinical comparative study between effects of Manuka honey and Silver zulfadiazene dressing on patients with burns, revealed Manuka honeys highly accelerated sterilization, inflammation and better healing outcomes. Male and female patient ranging from age 10 50 who suffered from first and second degree burns in atleast 50 percent of their body were divided into Manuka honey therapy group and silver dressing group. Notably results show period of healing taken by patient treated with Manuka was 18 days 100 percent of the patients within the group compared to 32-day average recovery in patients treated with silver dressing (Gupta, 2011). Additionally, within a 2-month follow-up, 81 percent and 37 percent of complete outcomes was noted in Manuka honey treated patient and Silver sterilized dressing patients, respectively. One notes that in chronic burns as well as acute wounds Manuka honey may work to reduce infection, inflammation and accelerate healing (Norman, et al., 2015). Conclusion Manuka honey is more effective over silver dressing wound care as it provides a variety accelerant in the healing process. While it is notable that estrogen play a role in regulating wound healing, the systematic healing process may be relatively slower in males, where as in young males healing process is faster. Therefore, Manuka honey can be deduced to be highly effective in comparison to silver dressing among young men with traumatic injuries. References Adderley, U., Smith, R. (2007). Topical agents and dressings for fungating wounds. Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 2(2). Gupta, S. S., Singh, O., Bhagel, P. 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Journal of cutaneous and aesthetic surgery, 4(1), 12